Thursday 1 June 2006

I hate BSOD's

I was happily working away on a Geo project that is due tomorrow... And since my group is full of so called 'rotten apples' who decided to film it on the last day. They had not idea what the hell editing was... especially if they can't say a single line without seriously screwing up. So practically I was in the infamous 'now or never situation' and was stretching the limits on my computer in order to get work done.

I was almost done compiling all the clips... and opened up Adobe Audition in order to normalize the sound and make some changes to the 'beautiful voices' of people in my group. All of a sudden... BSOD! Dang! To me the BSOD looked somewhat like this:
AHA! Gotcha sucker... trying to do some real work with Windows XP, eh? Well guess what... every time you try to do some real work, we over at M$ decided that you should die because you used Windows XP.

And since we can't actually kill you (until we make that mouse that automatically zap you) the best we can do is give you our most loved and infamous Blue Screen of Death.

This way, we can ruin your work because chances are that you haven't saved anything and you are going to loose all of it and even if you did save it, we are going to make every attempt to delete it.

Technical Information:

Oh yeah and one more thing... don't bother contacting your System Administrator, because he/she can't do anything to foil our plans of ruining the world with BSOD's Muhuhahahaha.
Now, you tell me is, can this tyranny be tolerated by anyone? I say, if anything like this happens once more I'm going to start using the MAC to Video Editing and Sound Editing (although it doesn't have Audition)! And the PC gets it (by it I'm referring to Linux of course).

By the way if you 'like' BSOD's but don't like the colour of it, I recommend taking a look at this tutorial over at tech-recipes to change the colour of the BSOD and make it something like WSOD (White Screen of Death).

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