Tuesday 23 May 2006

Microsoft doesn't mind piracy

Interestingly enough Microsoft doesn't care that much about piracy even though they might be loosing out on millions of dollars because of it. Besides, how can they possible stop it anyway? I think what Microsoft is doing here is a intelligent move, because I'd rather be writing better code than trying to make sure that it only works for legit users. How else can the company progress?

And they'll also be giving all the important security updates for the users of counterfiet software. I guess they are really realizing that if their software is good nothing can stop the piracy, because they is always a way to illegally get serial numbers and hacks and cracks.

I for one don't think piracy is a good idea as well, because as a programmer I realize how much hard work goes into making a piece of code actually work and the planning and getting rid of bugs, and they need to get paid too. Besides with so much open source software, I don't think I'll ever be pirating software... ever! I'd rather use Linux and Open Office and use Thunderbird for my e-mail as opposed to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 and using Outlook for e-mail.

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