Friday 2 June 2006

Adobe Getting Greedy?

I think Adobe is getting really greedy now. Why? The answer is simple, they asked Microsoft to remove PDF support from Office 2007. Heck, they even threatened to pursue legal action. What's next? Are they going to ban all the websites like PDF Online and tools such as CutePDF, because they want people want to buy Acrobat and flash paper and all that stuff for hundreds of dollar. If Microsoft puts in their PDF exporter, then it is going to work just like Acrobat... but people don't need to pay for it.

The next thing you know... they are trying to ban OpenOffice, because it too allows people to export to PDF. That's probably the main reason that Microsoft put it in there in the first place, because they don't want to stay a step behind Open Office.

The thing that Adobe has to realize is that they can fight for all the rights they want but the problem is that, companies have to stay competitive and in order to do that only collaboration can help. What I'm trying to say is, instead of ordering Microsoft to remove the feature, they should try to work with them to add-in an optional element which incorporates something like Flash paper when you are installing it. But for some reason I don't think that things like that are going to happening soon... because of the greed factor may be?

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