Monday 9 October 2006

Finally found some time to blog

The past few days have been an interesting mix of extremly hard work and a lot of hard work. On one hand I had a lot of fun at school (well.. not really since its school, but hey it was kind of fun). I finally couldn't resist blogging a little bit. I mean I've maintained this blog for a whole year, and why just stop right now? It kinda hurts... deep inside when you see your blog just sitting there, like a ghost town completely useless (except for the few iPod posts that constantly get read).

So yeah, I guess I'll try to blog a little bit when I get the time. It's fun, plus I need to keep in touch with blogger technology. I'm also planning to switch to Blogger 2.0 sometime soon. And I'll probably write articles on how to do that properly as well.

Anyways, that's it for now. Even if nobody reads this stuff, I know I will, and like Franklin McMahon says, I can keep my record for my progress.

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