Saturday 25 November 2006

Go Google Go!

Wow, Its been like 5 months or something since I last blogged anything. I'm trying to set aside sometime to blog everyday and visit web-sites like and and all that, but its getting harder every day.

But, recently I've been getting so many comments about articles that I wrote a long time ago. For example the blank e-mail in Outlook problem. And the Firefox blinking cursor problem and the Ipod shuffle problem. Its totally crazy to know that Beyond Tecknology is still very much alive sort of anyways.

Along with that I recently updated to blogger 2.0 and due to that I have some problems now. Basically before my blog had links to all kinds of feeds and what not, as well as about 500 comments on haloscan (I preferred haloscan since it gave me more control) but I figured that people comment more when you use blogger commenting. So yeah, I guess I need to provide links for 'Old Comments' as well as 'New Comments' at the same time. Phew. And along with that I need to make a better template for my website so that it can support the new 2.0 blogger things such as archives and labels and what not. Not to mention that now I have to re-tag all my hundreds of old posts so that people can use the labels feature.

I guess I'll do that later on.. much important things are left to be done right now (like work on my homework.. which is going to take me about 20 hours atleast :D ).

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