Monday 10 September 2007

Stop green orange blinking lights on iPod - unplug iPod properly

If you are experiencing a lot off problems with your iPod shuffle or nano or mini or video any other type of iPod, even though you sync your iPod properly using iTunes, please read this post. It is important to know how to unplug your iPod from your computer so that you do not corrupt the music inside it. If you simply pull your iPod off the computer, chances are that it is going to ruin all the music that has been transferred to the iPod and give you the orange green blinking lights

Please be sure to reset your iPod if you get the orange green blinking lights error. Resetting instructions can be found here.

Step 1
Wait until iTunes tells you it is safe to unplug the iPod.
Step 2
Click (a normal left click..) on the safely remove hardware icon if you're using either Windows XP or Windows Vista. this icon should be on the bottom right hand corner of your screen in the "systray". You might have to click on the little arrow to show all the icons.Safely Remove Hardware icon in Windows XP:
Step 3
Click on the option that corresponds to your iPod. Once you get a tool tip that says it is safe to unplug the device, only then remove the iPod from your USB port.

That's it! if you follow these three simple steps or iPod should stop showing the orange/green blinking lights error.

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  1. windows-centric advice here... under Mac OS X this is not a problem, but one should always allow a finish write operation on mounted filesystems...

  2. Hello willie,

    Yes, I guess it is a bit Windows centric, but if you plug an iPod out when it is syncing with iTunes on a Mac, and trust me I've tried it, the songs will still become corrupt.

    It will then cause the orange/green blinking lights problem again. So it is best to unplug any device the right way.

  3. go to the icon at the bottom right of your computer screen with the green arrow in it and click "safely remove hardware" the remove the ipod, turn it on and off then on and the blinking will stop and your ipod will work....

  4. Great tip! Had been wrestling with this one for several weeks. Worked a charm... much appreciated.

  5. HI !!

    on my ipod shuffle a see green orange orange ... :( What must I do ! !
    My computer say to me that :"One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not reigonise it .."
    ThAnk to answer..

  6. i don't know what has happen to my ipod.its not working.
    no green either orange light.what should i do?
    pls someone help this to sort it out.

  7. i have a ipod shuffle 2G . i recently did a firmware upgrade to version 1.0.4 and restored factory settings .

    now here is the problem:-

    1: Disk space reduced to 877.4 MB from 989 MB.

    2: filled all songs again , disconnected , then pressed the play button !!!!!!!! NO music playing .ALTERNATE GREEN AND ORANGE LIGHT blinking.

    i tried using ipod reset utility but that was of no use.

    please help ....

    my e-mail:-

    thanks in advance.

  8. well hi
    i just need some help

    my ipod shuffle (2nd generation)
    has an error and it must
    have an firmware damage
    it must restore software

    i don't know how to restore software
    And my ipod just blink for ten (10)
    seconds an orange and green light

    how can i do it !
    anyone can please help me!
    thank you !:D

  9. I know we have to safety remove the ishuffle but my computer does not show the "safety remove hardware" icon! So i just plug it out (yes, i know it is wrong) and when i turn it on, the blinking green light shows! What should i do?