Monday 19 May 2008

Opening IE 6 redirects you to IE 7 website

Has your homepage automatically changed to the "Internet Explorer Get it Now" download webpage? Well, you're not alone. Many others who are on Windows XP (or like me are using it on a Virtual Machine) and still using Internet Explorer 6 are getting the same message. Is this a virus or something you ask? Well, not really it's just that IE is letting you know that an upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 is ready because of you're settings. Before you change these settings, I would like to point out that it would be a good idea to update your browser or get Firefox, and make sure you have the latest in order to ensure the best security and proper standards.

Ok, I don't really care about updating - how do I change it back to my normal home page?

Well, going back to your normal home page is quite easy. Simply click on Tools in IE, then click Internet Options. Once the window pops up click on the Advanced Tab. Under Browsing, uncheck Automatically check for IE updates.
Once you do this, your normal home page will magically appear when IE is launched. Keep in mind though that by using IE 6 you are depriving yourself of a better experience on the web and putting your data at risk. Make sure your upgrade or let your nearest IT guru know that you want to upgrade to a better browser.

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