Monday 13 October 2008

10 Registry Hacks to Make Windows Faster, Free!

Okay, so here are some registry hacks that you can use to make windows faster. A word of caution though, I’ve used these hacks and they seem to be fine, and they seem to cause no repercussions whatsoever on Windows XP, but nonetheless if you use your Windows XP machine as your primary machine, I wouldn’t use this on that machine. Nonetheless, Here they are:

How to use these registry Hacks:

Again, if you don’t know how to use these registry hacks, then you probably shouldn’t be using them. Please back up your registry first by reading this article!!! If you’re determined to use then then this is how you do it: (obviously you'd want to back up your computer first.. I take no responsibility if you manage to "bork it" =)

  1. Copy the code below. The “code” below contains modifications that you’re going to be implementing into the registry to tweak certain features of the operating system in an effort to make it faster
  2. Open a new notepad file (the cool way to open notepad is pressing the Windows key + R key and typing in “Notepad” in the box that pops up and pressing enter… just thought I’d kinda point it out to you)
  3. Paste the code
  4. Save the file as “Hacks.reg” (type it with quotes in the notepad save as box in your desktop
  5. Double click the file to add the keys to your registry
  6. Delete the file as required

OK, so here are the registry keys modifications that you’d want to copy:

So as you can see, modifications are made primarily to the FileSystem, Boot Configs, Shutdown Sequence, Start Menu Delay. Use it wisely!

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  1. WaitToKillServiceTimeout"="1000"

    why not zero ?

    thanks anyway.

  2. Well, 1000 = 1000 milliseconds. So, if you change the value to 0, the computer will start killing all the apps running immediately, which might interfere with other processes going on during shutdown. Therefore, the best option is to have a value of at least 1000 to actually speed up the process a little.

    Nevertheless, you'll barely notice the difference, because everything will start hapenning faster now +)

  3. so, izit possible to re configure to default as how the windows suppose to be?

    Just curious :P

  4. Hi chin wui,

    Yes, you'll have to use the back up of registry settings 'BEFORE' you applied these settings. If you didn't back it up, let me know and I'll send you my back up!

  5. dos this work for vista to

  6. i have a marathi software for which i have to obtain a personal key by giving the machine number to the vender. now i have changed the computer and since the machine number generated is different i cannot use the software. do i have to purchase the software every time i change or upgrade my computer