Monday 13 October 2008

Free up hard drive space on your Mac with Monolingual

MonolingualOkay, may be I’m just slow, but I’ve just found a gem of an app again to free up some hard drive space. It’s called Monolingual, and pretty much all it does is get rid of extra languages on your Mac and frees up some valuable hard drive space. Unlike Disk Cleanup on your PC, which is more of a maintenance application, this simply gets rid of those languages that you can’t read or you’ll probably never use anyway.

I honestly can’t speak any of the languages I currently have on my mac, but still its seemed kinda fun to have them around at first when installing the operating system (well.. upgrading to Leopard actually). But now I’ve realized that it’s pretty much just a big waste of hard drive space. So bye by Afrikaans… all I need is English. Speaking of English, I also just figured out how to use Canadian English as the default Language on a Mac. It’s a pity that your Mac doesn’t do it for you automatically when you choose your region as Canada.

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