Thursday 29 April 2010

Installing Ubuntu without a CD drive using USB drive

With the latest release of Ubuntu, I feel that more people will have access to a highly mature, fast and easy to use operating system. But unfortunately, most people I’ve talked all believe that in order to install Linux (GNU/Linux) on your computer, you’re going to have to burn CD’s and it’s going to take a long time.

While this was true in the past, no longer is it necessary to burn a CD (or even have a CD drive, if you’re a netbook user) in order to use an open source operating system (OSOS ?). Here’s now you can install Ubuntu or any other similar flavour of an open source OS, with UNetbootin

How to install Ubuntu with USB Drive

  1. Head on over to UNetbootin’s website and download the software (Windows and Linux Versions are Available)
  2. Open it up and choose an option to either download the OS of choice from the internet or use your own ISO
  3. I personally download my own ISO from the website, and point it’s path to the program like so:
  4. image
  5. Hit OK and let Unetbootin copy the contents of the CD to your USB drive
  6. Now, reboot your computer… (But read these instruction first!)
  7. While your computer is booting, at the boot screen press the key to enter the boot setup
    • Note: The key to enter the boot setup, and the boot set up varies from computer to computer, but usually there will a be a message on the screen telling you which keys you can press
  8. Enter the Setup and go to the Boot Options section of the setup (this section might be named differently depending on the brand of computer/BIOS your computer has)
  9. Ensure that the computer is set to: Boot From USB Drive first this will make sure that your computer looks for the Linux files inside the USB before moving on to the operating system you already have installed
  10. Then reboot your computer again, and hopefully the computer will recognize the USB drive, the data inside it and proceed to load the Linux files
  11. Follow the instructions on the screen to install Linux
  12. Install Linux
  13. Enjoy using Linux
So, this way you’ll not only enjoy a faster install (somewhat faster, considering the fact that CD drives are often slower than USB drives) but also prevent the wastage of CDs.

Alternatively, you can also perform an Install from the Hard drive, where Unetbootin creates another partition on your hard drive for the Linux files, and deletes the partition after Linux is done installing. However, I never use this option much, since I’d rather give the space taken up by the installation files to Ubuntu too…

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