Thursday 29 April 2010

Num Lock and Caps Lock on a Blackberry

While it feels amazing to type away on a blackberry keyboard (even for a person with big fingers like me), one thing that I have recently discovered is how to enable "numlock" and "caps lock" (yes I do sometimes have a reason to use this feature) on a blackberry.

Turns out that the makers did anticipate users to use the number pad (albeit as a secondary function) exclusively without having to press the alt key every time.

Enabling NumLock on a Blackberry

  • First press the alt key
  • Then press the left shift (the one that says aA) key
  • This will enable the numlock and you will see a symbol on the top right corner of the screen displaying 123 indicating this
  • You will also be able to use the associated "alt Characters" that appear on the top of each key
  • To get rid of the numlock simply press the left shift key again

Enabling Caps Lock on a Blackberry

  • To turn on caps lock, press the alt key
  • Then press the right shift key (aA on the right side of the keys)
  • To remove it, press the right shift key again

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  1. Wow, to read about a blackberry. My kids still remember the one my husband used for work ten years ago...they refer to it as that big, black, brick thing Dad had. If only they ever see the original mobile phones. The development of IoT lower power consumption has really been transformational for the devices and us as the users. Thanks to the tech, the LTE IoT chipset and more.