Wednesday 19 October 2005

Ten things I didn't know about Microsoft word

Here are ten things that I didn't know about Microsoft Word.

  1. Insert Cross-Reference- this means that you can put numbers so that you can reference it or go to it faster.
  2. Merge Documents- This means you can merge the master and the other document
  3. Online collaboration- You can have online meetings
  4. Text Direction- Inside a table you can select a direction in which you can place the text
  5. Document Map- This enables you to see things inside a document
  6. AutoRecover Info- Word Automatically recovers your information
  7. Table Auto Format- Autoformat
  8. Protect Form/ Documents- Locks your forms so that you can't edit it.
  9. Insert Sound Objects/ Comments- Insert comments and sound files that you can record from your microphone
  10. Format Themes- Just like Microsoft FrontPage you can edit the look of your webpages

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