Saturday 19 November 2005

Netscape navigator as good as Firefox?

All right, this might sound funny and I don't know why I'm saying this but I am... I think that Firefox and Netscape Navigator 8.0.4 are equal...

Yes, today I found out how good Netscape Navigator 8 was. It is apparently based on firefox so I must add that it could be as good as firefox. Another thing that I seem to like the most is the rendering engine. You can render a page like how firefox renders it or you can render a page how Internet Explorer renders it.

So if you have a page that is suitable for internet explorer (for example then it is automatically going to use the IE rendering engine. Another thing that is good is that it tells you weather the site is verified or not. So its an easy way to know whether it is safe or not. I also seem to like the passcards feature, you can select which passcard to log in with.

Althought the themes are quite not good and I'd rather use Firefox or something all the time. I think that netscape could be as good as Firefox...

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