Tuesday 20 December 2005

Its truly RIMarkable

Its kind of funny how stocks change in a matter of minutes, seconds even. Yesterday I thought that it was excellent that I just bought about 50 shares of Research In Motion Ltd. because they were making about .4 cents of loss (which was kind of bad compared to all my other shares) but today I fired up my computer and started my stock ticker widget and I was surprised to see that all the shares of RIM had gone up about 4$ (canadian) each!!!!!

This was the worst thing hapenning to me I thought and it couldn't get any worse! Why didn't I take more shares so that I could make more money, but I knew that even though nothing big had hapenned in the past I could really loose a lot of money (plus the other stocks that I had invested were also high risk) so I couldn't take a lot of risk.

Ah... no matter how much I wish I can't change the numbers around now (okay I can... but I don't like to cheat) besides its just a little game... or is it?

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