Friday 9 December 2005

What's up with the Plagiarism?

Hmm... its very interesting to observe that these days people have been copying stuff from my blog (why would anybody do that, I don't even have that much cool stuff in it)! So I guess it is important to protect yourself from this evil thingy. Well, okay ... I won't be suing anybody or anything like that I don't really care actually but it is an important problem. And its funny how people think that they can copy stuff from my blog and never get caught. I guess you need to be smart even if you want to copy stuff these days, ha ha.

But still how can people just blindly copy what I have on my blog and claim that they have written it? That's just not fair. Now i don't really mind that people are copying stuff from this blog ... but once you get into the habit of plagiarism its hard to break it.

People these days think they can get away with anything. Well thats true sometimes but its not the same thing everytime. My posts comprise of many components(well if you are a web guru you probably know what this is) that enable me to track down stuff ... soI can know if I created that post or not. This way I can find out exactly who is copying my stuff.

Just my 2 cents...

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