Thursday 12 January 2006 is a great site! Why do I say that?... I think newsvine is a great source for news and information. It's sort of like a Digg + CNN + Slashdot mixture. You can also read Brian Benzinger's great review about it! It has articles from the Associated Press (AP) and you can write up your own articles too. Plus yuo can link to other people's articles like Digg. You can also vote for all the Articles on their site and improve it's standing on the page!

This means that you are giving more control to the user and the editors of the site, or the people that maintain the site don't choose which post gets the prioity. And what I like a lot as well is that the user community for newsvine is extremly great. So basically you won't get flamed (as much perhaps) and so on.

The user interface is also pretty nice. And I like the way how it is organised and neat and tidy so that the chances of getting what you want are more likely.

Another Feature that I seem to like a lot is the "Chat" feature. When people actually start using this feature, I think it's a great way to get feedback and so on. It's good to know what people think!

Well, I won't tell you more... because I'm sure you'd love to see all this yourself. So why not go grab yourself an invite, and see for yourself!

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