Thursday 19 January 2006

Ohh... That's interesting!

Today, I was reading my teacher's blog and found some interesting things in there. He blogged about a article that talks about

a reporter who got fired for plagiarizing a article. Why would a person just copy and paste stuff from wikipedia? Doesn't he have like a brain so that he can think (unless he himself wrote the article on wikipedia or something...) and write about the facts. Is is that necessary to copy it... or even write a similar article. Sometimes this just makes me mad... like of example if people (like my friends, or that's what they say) copy my posts, word for word.

Another cool article I found when I was browsing through slashdot is titled- "Computer Science Students Outsource Homework". The first thing that came to my mind was cool... I should do that- bad idea. But then I thought about the guy who got fired for plagiarisng a wikipedia article. Oh well bad idea...

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