Wednesday 15 February 2006

Am I good at graphic designing?

When it comes to creating graphics I think I need to put in a little bit more work... right? Especially when creating websites (like this site or this site) it is hard to create lots of graphics so I usually just make a header graphic. But this is soon going to change... soon enough when I get enough time to do some designing I am going to go all out and work really hard. The next redesign for beyondteck (for experimental purposes I keep redesigning) is going to be pretty soon.

It is going to feature a lot of graphics and new things that you've probably never seen in a blog before (it's top secret, so I can 't reveal plans to any one :-) ). This time beyondteck is going to have a lot more 'bling-bling' as you might say, everywhere in its design. For now I'll leave you all with this little header that I created, do tell me how it is.

(okay, I admit... I took some inspiration from goowy, but don't tell anyone though, make sure you keep it a secret)

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