Wednesday 8 February 2006

Did I just hear the Songbird chirp?

Songbird, is the latest iTunes rival that is based on the engines of Firefox and Thunderbird. And did I mention that is open source (i.e. free!). I downloaded it and gave it a spin, and even though it had a few flaws I liked it. The user interface was also somewhat intuitive, and was just like iTunes (and I've got to add that it is a piece of cake to skin it's interface since it uses .png files). The feature that I loved (which is just one feature amongst its huge list of features) was that you can browse through websites (because it's based on Firefox) and it lists all the music content on that page. This makes it a breeze to just listen to the songs without going through all the other stuff on the page.

It also has other features like the mini player (like iTunes, however a little different). I really don't use this feature much because I prefer to just minimize the player while I'm listening to songs.

The xulrunner, however bugs me because it uses up too much memory. So when you are running about 10 apps similtaneously, it tends to take up to much system resources. But since this is based on XUL, there is not much you can do about it, as XUL is the main component that is running Songbird.
xulrunner.exeSongbird is great, considering that it is still in the preview stages and chances are there are going to be a lot more features added to it later on. For now until songbird gets better I'll just go back to using iTunes or Windows Media Player, however I will be still using Songbird occasionally...

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