Tuesday 7 February 2006

Performancing Ver 1.1.1 (beta) is just awesome!

The bestest blogging extension for Firefox (and Flock) just got better. Thanks Jed for letting me know about this, because my blogging life is a breeze now. Version 1.1.1 might seem like a name for just a few bug fixes, but apparently this version has a lot more power (and bug fixes) than all the other versions! It's totally different (way better I mean) than what it was like before...

Here are the things that I find are better from the other versions

  • There aren't any bugs like there used to be before (like the icon problem I discussed in this post)
  • There aren't any delicious problems like there used to be before (I didn't notice that there were any delicious problems at all before Jed pointed it out to me...)
  • You can save posts as drafts now (a feature that I will probably be using a lot)!
  • You can now see the links in the preview mode! And clicking on the link in Rich Editing section will not launch the url.
  • The Rich Editing section and the preview section now you sans serif fonts. I don't like serif fonts so much (although research says that it is easier for you to read serif fonts)
  • There is a Strikethrough button! Cool! Awesome!
  • The 'About' button is now the 'Performancing' button.

Awesome job Jed and thanks to others at Performancing who made this wonderful 'extremly excellent extension possible.

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