Thursday 2 February 2006

Ergonomics in Everyday life

We all know that these days manufacturers are breaking away from the usual trends and creating something that is more pleasing to the eye and easier for you to use (ergonomic). Is it really worth it? I mean people seem to find normal chair more comfortable than those executive chairs, and say that sitting on those funky ( and expensive) chairs gives them back pain. Then why make ergonomic stuff? Many people seem to hate them (for example the ergonomic keyboards)
This article by Franklin Tesser talks about ergonomics in laptops and how desktops are more ergonomic. I agree, laptops are small and ergonomics is not the main focus. When you buy a laptop you are looking for performance, I mean it needs to be portable and sturdy. You don't want a laptop that looks good but is heavy and eats up battery life. And chances are you won't be able to fit in one of those ergonomic keyboards in there as well, because you need to keep a laptop as compact as possible.
Ergonomics is not just used in technology, its used in other things like furniture as well. Like I said earlier those executive ergonomic chairs are become more and more popular (the price seems to be going up along with that) as time goes on. This article talks a little about office ergonomics, and how they focus on office furniture, putting emphasis on the seating. Well their claims look pretty marvellous, but many just prefer original chairs.
We are definately onto something big with ergonomics, and I'm sure people will keep finding out and exploring new concepts. And I'm sure that there are many out there who actually like ergonomics. But me, I just like plain old stuff- ergonomics are just too radical for me, hopefully this is going to change in the future...

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