Wednesday 15 March 2006

Can this blog be Ajaxified?

Update: I have devised a way to AJAX this blog... which might be a unique feature to only this blog. I will implement it later because I do believe that it is lacking some IE compatibility.
While working on my new template (yes I know I spelt the title wrong... it's a preview anyways) for this blog, I realised that apart from just having a plain old blog, how about adding some javascript to make it more pleasant... instead, how about ajaxifying this blog?
Now I know it is going to be real hard, but I do believe it is possible, because as you can see this blog... has Ajax (well sort of, in the 'Filed Under' section) in it. I realize that this (maintained by a fellow Indian ;) ) uses the Prototype.js javascript library, which will be very hard for me to code... but it doesn't hurt to try.
Hold on people... let's see if I can make wonders happen :D !

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