Sunday 9 April 2006

Crowded Website Pages

Now I know that usually when you go to a website you are looking to get as much as information as possible, but what I say in this post is just how I feel regarding crowded web pages. So please do not complain about how I am totally wrong in my thinking.

Whenever I go to websites like or the first thing that I see is that the web page is too crowded! I can't even count how many columns of data are on that page. It's just overwhelming. I mean common guys do you really need to display all that much data and all those banner ads? Why can't you just have 2 columns - one for navigation and one for the latest news.

Plus having things like flash etc on your website all over the page is just annoying, especially over at (no wonder they use up so many terabytes of bandwidth). I've got nothing against people like Mike Davidson by the way, but it's just that these news sites (and even blogs like engadget have 'bloated' (i.e. 3 columns that stretch long and wide... Really wide and have lots of annoying ads etc.) home pages.

The thing that bugs me most sometimes is the horizontal scroll bar. I use a 19" flatscreen to do work and have a dual view dual along with a old 17" CRT. And usually I use the 19" for browsing around on websites etc. And almost always I don't keep the browser window maximized so that I can work with multiple windows to increase productiveness. In such conditions the pages show a horizontal scroll bar with totally bugs me. Sometimes I hate this and just close the window and go do something else. On other times when I'm more patient I tolerate the horizontal scroll bar. I just can't imagine how life will be for people with a 800x600 resolution.

The only thing that is great (usually anyways) in such sites is the design. For example the logo's and the good graphics etc. Other than that it's just plain boring. I'd rather go use the TV (I know sometimes it does get that bad) than use the computer to find interesting news. Or just listen to the ever annoying voice (just kidding) of Steve Gibson to know about the latest security holes in Windows.

Okay I'm done complaining. You can go back to reading the latest news on ESPN or CNN.

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