Tuesday 25 April 2006

The IE Blunder

Update: If things like this happen then I guess Microsoft might have wasted their time after all...
I think it can now be safely said, in hindsight, that Microsoft's entry into the browser business and its subsequent linking of the browser into the Windows operating system looks to be the worst decision - and perhaps the biggest, most costly gaffe - the company ever made. I call it the Great Microsoft Blunder.
I couldn't have said it better... I think Dvorak has an excellent point here, but I think he forgot that almost 80% of the people in this world probably use IE, and it would be a shame if Microsoft pulls the plug and stops making it.

Hell, I don't think many even care about which browser they are using... all they do is click on the 'e' logo and type in the URL of the website. So I guess it's more sensible for Microsoft to make it, rather than stop making it and dissapoint the people.

Besides they've got some Indians working on it (over at my old hometown in Bangalore I think), so I guess it doesn't really cost them much to keep the updates coming.

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