Friday, 28 April 2006

Squeet Vs FeedBlitz

SqueetIt recently came to my attention that Feedburner has been promoting Squeet on some feeds and FeedBlitz on some. Both basically do the same - notify you when there is a new post on a website or a blog.

I'm using both of them right now and there seem to be evident problems in each of them. For example Squeet's CSS is not to my tastes... although this isn't a flaw I think they should have a better design and layout in their e-mails that they send. And as for Feedblitz, they're e-mails always seem to be outdated and they have that big logo of theirs as well. If I post something today I'll get a e-mail tomorrow (well midnight anyways) as opposed to Squeet which gives you the e-mails after about 3 hours or so.

I'll be back with more interesting data as soon as I use these two after a while of course. I'm not the kind of reviewer that likes to post something without taking a look at the product properly. Unlike Lifehacker... okay, I'll stop picking on them now.

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