Friday 28 April 2006

Squeet Vs FeedBlitz

SqueetIt recently came to my attention that Feedburner has been promoting Squeet on some feeds and FeedBlitz on some. Both basically do the same - notify you when there is a new post on a website or a blog.

I'm using both of them right now and there seem to be evident problems in each of them. For example Squeet's CSS is not to my tastes... although this isn't a flaw I think they should have a better design and layout in their e-mails that they send. And as for Feedblitz, they're e-mails always seem to be outdated and they have that big logo of theirs as well. If I post something today I'll get a e-mail tomorrow (well midnight anyways) as opposed to Squeet which gives you the e-mails after about 3 hours or so.

I'll be back with more interesting data as soon as I use these two after a while of course. I'm not the kind of reviewer that likes to post something without taking a look at the product properly. Unlike Lifehacker... okay, I'll stop picking on them now.

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