Saturday 29 April 2006

The Nintendo Wii..

The first thing that comes to my mind is the Wheee! Firefox flick by Jeff Gill. Except this time the IE logo is replaced by the Nintendo Wii logo... and the other logo's are of the other gaming consoles. Although it might have better features, this is just how I feel about this console (and the same infact). But it's too early to say something, I guess all of us have to wait and see what happens to Wii.

Update: Okay, so the Wii has officially been launched, and I hereby conclude that it is no longer a crappy console, and it's name is totally misleading. In fact, the truth is, it's actually a really great console. After playing around with for a while at my friend's house, I think I can say that I'm in love with it. If I have more time, and some dough, I might actually invest in this gem of a console myself, but sadly that is not the cast at this moment. But I'm actually hoping that I can do so and hopefully also write up a review of the Nintendo Wii, in case anyone is interested!

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