Friday 21 April 2006

Todays thoughts

Great news, now you can get a newer version of the great performancing extension from the mozilla site. This version has many new features, out of which the one the one that stands out is the Metrics feature which now seamlessly integrates with one's metrics tracking account. Great stuff, I can't seem to stop using this extension now (especially since I don't seem to get the atom error now)! Along with that and the other features, the feature that I like a lot is uploading picture right from the extension! A feature that Jed said that he was going to put a while back. Although I've not tried this for blogger yet I think it should work (hopefully).

I was also trying out the Wizz RSS News Reader instead of NetNewsWire or Sage today and that seems to be pretty good as well. More on that later.

Now let's talk about something that we all love (or atleast us Canadians anyways), Hockey! Here are my predictions for the first round (since the playoffs start today). The following teams are going to be advancing: Philly, Dallas, San Jose, Ottawa, Carolina, New Jersey, Detroit and lastly the Flames. Although Montreal and Edmonton are awesome Canadian teams I'm not quite sure if they are going to make it, but keep an eye on Montreal they seem to be extra hot right now. You might say that this might not be true, but I'm quite sure that these are the teams that are going to advance to the text round, and we'll find out soon enough.

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