Tuesday 9 May 2006

Am I good or what?

In business class today we were playing the fictionary 'business/entrepreneur' game over at JA. Interestingly enough my team was mostly made up of people who didn't speak English as their first language (also commonly known as ESL students) but that didn't matter... because they were smart.

So today we started playing the game, and sure enough we had a strategy... a good one. Our plan was to make companies feel like they shouldn't change anything and if they kept doing what they were doing... they would do fine. And of course, it worked like a charm.

Until the last quarter we didn't attempt to get the first place, however we stayed in second place although getting first place was quite possible. But when the last quarter came, we changed everything in our plan, so that we could be the company. Unfortunately I can't tell you the strategy yet. Mainly because the game isn't done yet and we are going to be playing another one soon, and giving out my plans would make me a traitor. And when you are a president of a group then that's the last thing you would want!

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