Thursday 11 May 2006

Skype UB for Mac

Yay! Skype, an application that I dearly love and appreciate finally has UB (universal binary- which means you can run this application on Intel mac's without having extra software (rosetta) running)... so it runs faster, way more faster. And now I can use it without a problem. Except one thing is missing, who can I talk to?

But I usually use Skype to talk to many friends, and developers all over the world sometimes to get suggestions for something that I'm working on or even help. Since everybody uses computers these days, it's become the telephone of today (although the same can be said for VoIP). And may be that's why some countries are trying to block it because who wouldn't want some free long distance calls? And some companies are even creating gadgets for skype... but I'm not sure if it is going to be a reality.

And in other news, wasn't the Macbook supposed to be released today? I guess Apple tricked us all... again.

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