Thursday 18 May 2006

Finished recording podcast

Today my group finished recording podcasts for business class... basically it was just me and other two ESL (or English Second Language) students, that's why I didn't even bother uploading it. The other two in my group didn't bother to show up. I guess people really don't care about group work as such. The same things happen all the time in other subjects as well, and in the end it's just me doing all the work and the other just getting their marks for me.

This seriously drives me crazy! How can people not do anything... and still get marks. And the funny thing is that many teachers also evaluate you as a group. For example in drama... because the other people never showed up even though we did it affected our marks.

Anyways, if all of you are wondering where all the tech help articles are and why I'm not going on Syschat or Tech-recipes it is because of the projects that I have. Handling 5 projects in tandem is not an easy task, and since it affects my marks greatly I don't want to screw up on this one. Therefore it's going to be a while until the tech-related content starts again, my guess would be summer right after my exams are done.

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