Wednesday 17 May 2006

GIMP UB available

Wow, this is a shocker. Apparently open source is ahead of Adobe now, because if you have a Intel Mac then you can get the universal binary of Gimpshop for free. For those of who you don't know GIMP (which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program) is something just like Adobe Photoshop, and has almost all the features as photoshop. Although photoshop might be better and have a smaller learning curve it does cost a lot and is fairly slow on a Mac (because it uses Rosetta) when compared to GIMP.

Although I won't be using GIMP all that much (since I still prefer photoshop) I think it is a great opportunity for all you wanna be graphic designers (or just want to try out how photoshop feels like) to take GIMP for a test drive. You certainly wont say that its not a good program (unless of course you are addicted/used to Adobe Photoshop).

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