Sunday 14 May 2006

Tech Crunch Redesign

I recently noticed Tech crunch has changed a lot (in terms of it's design). It now features 'mean-green' accents to a plane white background. Although this might sound simple and not all that great as compared to the previous one, I think Rachel Cunliffe did a fabulous job. Any redesign is always good... and can only be better or just as good as the previous one. I should know... after doing a lot of redesigns to this site, I finally settled on this kind of simple, and elegant gray theme. And then I went on to realize that it's not design that people really care about.

The only thing that bugs me in this design is probably the amount of advertisements.... there are so many of them. But I don't really care about that because I usually just read the RSS feed from techcrunch and don't bother to go to the site (and my Firefox+Firewall also seem to get rid of most of the ads in any website).

As long as the re-design doesn't affect the quality of Michael's writing I think I'll be subscribing to tech-crunch for a long while. No matter what the site looks like.

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