Tuesday, 16 May 2006

What is Sysfader.exe and how to stop sysfader errors

What is sysfader.exe?

Well, no first of all, it is not spyware (usually... click here to check if its spyware or not »). In fact it is a part of Windows XP that provides all the so called "cool animation effects". These include fading menus in and out. Animating windows and so on. However, the fact is that you don't need sysfader on your computer. You're better off without it, especially if you're getting a lot of 'Sysfader.exe has crashed' errors or if your computer is running slow. Even if you don't think it's slow I recommend you read the whole article below.
Important: Make sure you take a look at how to figure out if sysfader is a virus or not and find out if the sysfader.exe you are seeing is a virus/spyware or if it's the real deal.

I also read a couple of e-mail from people telling me that they had an error regarding sysfader.exe. I'm guessing that this might be a common problem for a lot of people, besides the tips mentioned in this post are good for any computer running Windows. Be it Windows XP or Windows Vista (although the instructions for disabling unnecessary effects are different for Vista).
Note: Please see an alternate way to fix sysfader.exe problem in this post »

To get rid of this problem all you need to do is this:
  1. Press Windows Flag (Windows Key) + Pause break key. If you don't have the Windows key (most keyboards should have this - right beside the Alt key) just right click on My Computer and click Properties.
  2. Go to the 'Advanced' tab
  3. Under 'Performance' click on 'Settings'
  4. Under the 'Visual Effects' tab uncheck the first four check boxes
  5. These 4 boxes are "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing", "Fade or slide menus into view", "Fade of slide ToolTips into view" and "Fade out menu items after clicking". Please note that if you are running other localizations of Windows XP (for example Windows XP Portugese) you have to find the options that somewhat describe the options mentioned above, since they might not be the first 4 options.
  6. To make your computer even more faster, uncheck other checkboxes for the effects that you feel you can live without, for example "Slide taskbar buttons" etc...
  7. If you like your Windows XP theme the way it is don't uncheck the last option that says "Use visual styles on windows and buttons". I also recommend you leave the "smooth edges of screen fonts" and "Use common tasks in folders" options unchecked"
  8. If you don't use a wallpaper then I recommend you also uncheck "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop"
  9. Click on 'OK'
After doing this the problem with sysfader should instantly go away (hopefully). And your computer is going to become much more faster without those annoying (at least I find it annoying) effects slowing it down. Please read other articles on how to make windows xp faster if you want to make your computer faster, and get rid of other .exe errors with windows that seem to happen oh so frequently.

Got a question, tip or comment? Send them to beyondteck+question@gmail.com and we'll try to answer it in a blog post!


  1. Thanks for your help on the sysfader.exe problem.

  2. I'm having sysfader.exe problems too (i guess), when i clic Start->Shut Down it doesn't do anything, and the clock (mouse icon when windows is working) never goes out and it makes my pc too slow and i can't do anything else, i pressed ctrl+alt+del and i saw in the App Tab an application called Sysfader is not responding, i ended it and my pc unfreezed, but if i try shutting down my pc from de start menu this happens again.

  3. Woooo! you just totally saved my ass on sysfader. I have a book due to my publisher on Jan 8, and the whole thing lives on a computer which stopped woorking because of this bug which you just allowed me to fix. Fantastic. You rock, ...no, you boulder.

    -Hatch "author of "Hatch's Order of Magnitude"

  4. Hi, nice tip. Though, the Visual Effects list is sorted alphabetically and if you run another language than english, or an update alter the items, the "first four checkboxes" renders kind of invalid. Just a thought! :)

  5. Can you say what are the first
    4 check boxes?
    I use the portuguese version of windows...
    and I'm also having the sysfader problem...


  6. Thanks all for your comments, I've updated the article as well as included a screenshot. This should help other people with other languages (provided they can read english) get rid of their sysfader.exe problem really quick. And perhaps get some information on the sysfader.exe process as well.

  7. thank you thank you soooo much!
    I've been having this problem for a while until today I almost gone crazy when this error kept pop up again and again.
    So I searched in google in order to find out what the hell it is and I found your blog ^^

    Finally .... I can fix this problem. Thanks so much again >.<

  8. Thanks Rishi! Let's hope I don't see this nuisance window again!

  9. I got my new computer in january and less than a week later I started getting this problem..I called dell and they said I needed to uninstall programs I had installed...well what does a person do when they get a new pc???....they put stuff on it I said...so they give me this song and dance how I need to do each program one at a time to find out the error...it happened no matter what I did..I google it several times but this is the first time I actually found something I can understand...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  10. Hi,
    the description may be good and correct - however, it only addresses a part of the problem.
    I'm using Windows 2000 (not XP), and I have all these animation effects turned off. And yet I keep getting these sysfader.exe errors.
    Strangely enough, a process with that name never shows up in the task manager (though all other system processes and services do), and a file called sysfader.exe does not even exist on my machine.

  11. Just wanted to add my thanks for your post about stopping sysfader errors. I didn't start getting them until I installed a pretty cool screensaver from Laconic Software. I uninstalled the screensaver, made the changes you recommended and, not only is everything working fine, I've noticed an increased in peformance!

    Thanks Again!

  12. I already have these boxes unchecked, but I have the problem. Y try checking the boxes, restart and then uncheck again. Instead I uncheck boxes under advanced configuration on Internet Explorer that refers to visula effects on pages transitions. But the problem remain. Finally, I reinstall my Windows... Holly medicine.

  13. Just use Firefox and you will not have this kind of problem. Enough with the Microsoft crap.

  14. I hope this fixes my laptop sysfader killing my usb mouse.

  15. what would cause sysfader to do this? I reformatted and reinstalled XP Pro, updated it all with windows updater, put office 2003 on, updated, put .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 on, installed Flight Sim X, put MemStatus, and CPU-Z on my computer, and then poof. This happens. Completely at random. Actually, this sysfader issue is what made me want to reformat in the first place, and it's so inconsistent that I have no way of telling what program could cause it. Obviously not all computers are affected by it, so something must have triggered it...

    Any thoughts?

  16. breaking news! Every time I run CPU-Z, sysfader will be non responsive when shutting down computer!

    Anyone else with the sysfader problem have and use CPU-Z?????

  17. Thank you, it's very helpful tip for my notebook. ^^

  18. Kept having to shut my laptop down with the power button as Sysfader made it impossible to close down normally. Thank you very much for posting this solution.

  19. In answer to two comments above:

    I have never used CPU-Z on my laptop and it hangs with Sysfader. I have used CPU-Z on my desktop and have never had a Sysfader issue with it.

    I use Firefox on both laptop and PC and only get the problem on the laptop so IE is not the cause.

  20. Hello,

    Well I'm not sure what is going on, but, I continue to get that diagnostic after these suggested changes.

    Furthermore the file sysfader.exe is not found with search.

    Something else is amiss.

  21. Perfect, Thank you so much!

  22. Sorry, but that method doesn't really work, I'm still having less then 10 crashes in 8 hours of IE7 use. My system's "Visual Effects" were already off and I'm running Win XP Pro with SP2.

    However, I fixed the problem and am obliged to share it with all who have the same problem (if all else fails with the above mentioned troubleshoot), but it requires a little bit of your technical knowledge:

    On the Internet Options (Internet Properties), click on the PROGRAMS tab and click the MANAGE ADD-ONS button near the bottom (I'm on Internet Explorer 7).

    I don't know which add-on I disabled/removed that made the problem go away, but it was something to do with third-party add-ons. Disable any add-ons you think you don't recognise, or don't need/use those add-ons on IE7 browser. Leave Microsoft's Add-ons enabled, unless necessary to disable.

    It is possible that there were add-ons clashing with others, thus causing SysFader.exe error, I have some add-ons removed as they were not a proper files (not same icons), or were cookies that were not deleted when you scanned for spyware/adware. It's been 2 days since I disabled/removed those IE add-ons, no crash so far.

    Hope this method works for you, if not, I do hope Microsoft will rectify this problem for you soon.

    Dominic Marshall

    "You will not know the answer unless you experiment with that question" - BJ.

  23. The iE add-on is name is Shockwave flash object by Adobe

  24. Hey, thanks a lot. My system performance improved a lot. Ofcourse my windows is now much more uglier.....

  25. to keep the style looking like XP check the last option "Use visual styles on windows and buttons." It should look like XP, but run faster then having all the bells and whistles, or crap as I call it

  26. This article helped to me a lot, thankful to all, i also found increasing of performance.

    Thanks/prabhakar reddy

  27. Anonymous said...
    Just use Firefox... Enough with the Microsoft crap.

    Acually, I like Internet Explorer, and I would Never consider switching to FireFox.

  28. I didn't *have* this problem with SysFader until I tried Firefox for IE 6. IE 7 Crashes my XP for some unGodly reason.

    Firefox is for Linux!!!!! Works _GREAT_ *THERE*!!!!!!!!!

    I've tried most, if not all, the solutions mentioned here and then some. Only time will tell.

    BTW: I use RealTime protection in my AV program (it updates every four hours!), RealTime Anti-spyware protection and firewall. I scan with my AV and AS every evening before I shut down for the night and I also scan once a week with F-Secure's online anti-malware scanner.

    I just hope this SysFader prob doesn't crash my computer altogether before my migration to PCLinuxOS is complete...........

  29. Thanks for fixes. Unticking "Enable third-party browser extensions" did stop the problem but unfortunately it also stopped my Google Toolbar from displaying. It turned out it was SpyBot S&D 1.5.2. that was causing the problem. Don't know if it was the program itself or if it was something it had immunised. Uninstalling SpyBot fixed the sysfader problem.

  30. I am facing Word 2007 not response after use EndNote X1 to update citings. And I fix the problem by disable those 4 visual effects.
    Thank you.

  31. mate... you're the man!!

  32. Martin said "Strangely enough, a process with that name never shows up in the task manager (though all other system processes and services do)"

    It does start briefly and show up in the Task Manager for as long as it's running the effect. It was this that made me Google sysfader. I was just worried it was malware, I like the effects.

  33. In Internet Explorer settings I disabled a plugin called "QuickFIND BHO Object" with the related file IEHELP.DLL.

    After that, the Sysfader crashes no more ...

    /Soren Mittet

  34. HI , Issue with sysfader not responding when windows XP shuts down seems to have resolved whe unchecked the first four check boxes in controlpanel/system/performance/settings/visualeffetcs. When Re-checked the four check boxes again after rebooting windows, the sysfader error did not appear again. So may be unchecking , rebooting & re-checking 4check boxes did the trick.

  35. you, who are having sysfader problems, do you all have NVIDIA graphics?

  36. Hello Anonymous,

    No I don't have a NVIDIA graphics card. In fact I've experienced the problems only on ATI radeon (mobile though) card and an Intel integrated graphics card.

    But then again... I doubt if the graphics card has anything to do with this. It seems to me like its a OS problem that occurs mainly in Vista.

    @ Soren Mittet

    Yes, I've covered the IE sysfader crashes too in my other blog post http://beyondteck.blogspot.com/2007/09/stop-internet-explorer-crash-sysfader.html

  37. I've had this problem on the three PCs i use (only 1 had NVIDIA) but I'm so glad I found this helppage - cheers

  38. very much usefull and my problem rectified thanks dude

  39. Very good and informative. Thanks.

  40. Hi all,

    Well donno if it works for you, but it sure does for me for this particular error.

    Ok this is what I did. click on Start>All programs>Accessories>System Tools>Internet Explorer (Add-ons). Then a new and fresh window explorer will pop-up. This is to ensure that no add-ons is running at the background and is disabled. Sometimes add-ons is the troublemaker. Ok, so from Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and click on "Restore advance settings" and you can always click on "Reset" button. Apply it and the problem should be terminated ;)


  41. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for visiting around and sharing your solution. I'm sure there are many out there who would appreciate it! Hope to see you around.


  42. For those of you who keep suggesting "Use Firefox": I do use FireFox, but I am also forced to use IE for Netflix' "watch it now" feature. I've written to them but they don't offer it for FireFox yet. Anyway, some of us have to use IE on occasion for various reasons.

  43. Wow i finally found a solution that works. Last night i went to a website and tried to go to another and got the infamous SysFader error. i tried several suggestions and finally found the one that worked for my computer. I clicked on control panel/internet options/programs/manage add-ons and found the most recent add-on. i simply disabled it and poof, no more problems...knock on wood.
    by the way i am running windows xp-pro. hope this helps others.

  44. I'm sorry to say that none of these solutions are working for me, I've tried them all.

    My internet explorer just closes with no errors nor any warnings after 5-10 seconds being open.

    After opening it I see sysFader appear before Internet Explorer in the applications tab.

    Can anyone help me please?

    Oisin C. Vera

  45. Hey all

    I am running windows 2000, and ie 6, so I cannot follow the advice posted to change the visual effects, as I do not have that option under the advanced tab of system/properties.

    Also do not have the disable addons feature available in IE 6.

    So what could I do to eliminate the sysfader error?

  46. helping so far thanks for the solve

  47. my grandmother has this problem and we tried this and it didn't work so please help me!!!
    we'd really appreciate it!

  48. all about skyfader in these blog:
    more is a issue and confuse to some one
    in the spyware world that others


  50. A million thanks to you, your solution worked for me!! I unchecked not only the 1st 4 boxes but all except smooth edges, drop shadows, and visual styles - this also made my computer faster.

  51. Did not have a SysFader error until after Adobe Flash 10 was forced on me...when it was installed, it disabled the Macromedia flash program. When I checked the "add-on' files, there it was...IE was shutting down because of the Adobe flash...disabled that, enabled Macromedia, problem fixed...so far. Will also "uncheck the boxes" as suggested.
    Great blogspot, btw

  52. Thank for this information I have Windows 7 on this PC it had Vista prior to upgrade, I'm very hard on it with lots of things working at once including a TV tuner and two screens, the fading in and out is annoying just not necessary. I've unchecked all the boxes then gone back and checked each one to see if I need that one or not. PC now works fine again!

  53. I actually haven't published this error yet, but this solution is AWESOME. Thanks for the help!!

  54. Thanks for the great solution. :)

  55. Thankx for the great solution.

  56. Thank You. Was helpfull.

  57. Thanks for this. I now have control of my computer again ^-^

  58. Thanks so much for the info. I resolved the issue by doing the following: Start/Control Panel/Internet Options/Programs Tab/Manage add-ons button - Disable any add-ons in the list that don't have a Publisher or File Name. I had four add-ons like this that I had to disable and problem solved!

  59. I have a Sysfader:iexplore.exe message that keep popping up and closing my windows down??

    Brad Fallon

  60. I have coming explorer problems pls tell me ans im open a google account in internet explore 7 after open the account coming a error sysfader error and some government sights are not open in explore safely what is the problem im very struggle pls tell me

  61. I called dell and they said I needed to uninstall programs I had installed...well what does a person do when they get a new pc???....they put stuff on it I said...so they give me this song and dance how I need to do each program one at a time to find out the error...it happened no matter what I did..I google it several times but this is the first time I actually found something I can understand...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
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  62. thanks for the share, and i got it done by another means:

    1. chkdsk scan and repair the corrupt files on the system disk
    2. remove any unnecessary software...

  63. heh, acknowledged! i first noticed this suddenly blink in then out of my taskmanager processes (yes i have to keep it running in realtime._.)its better and you bond with your machine that way--and i thought: oh crap,,,
    WHAT was that!?-my eyes are quick-is THAT whats been causing my firefox to hang more lately?? (anyone else remember the days when firefox was so sturdy you could have no connection at all and still interact with whatever web pages you already had up?..those were the days..how about when aol was still local and if it failed you could finish typing your email or thread reply as long as you didn't acknowledge the disconnection notice?? anyways..back to the story...) so 1to2 googles later im here writing this post. Thanks for the info, sir.

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