Thursday 8 June 2006

Download Microsoft Windows Vista for Free

Finally some good news from Microsoft! You can now download Microsoft's 'Next-Generation' operating system, for free from their website. No piracy involved! Although this is still a beta and probably still exteremly buggy, it's still worth a try. This version is version 5384.4 I believe. My guess that Microsoft is just trying to prove that they are still ahead of the competition (namely Apple and Linux) by showboating (or giving it off for free) their new operating system.

You can find it over at their website ( or you can use these ISO download links:

Use these links if you want to use the Akamai Download Manager
Use these links if you want to use your own download manager (because it is a 3.2 Gig file, you might not want to trust the IE or FF downloader)
It won't be long, until I review the OS, and I'll also be reviewing other things like Actual Windows Manager (from Actual Tools) soon, so stay tuned!

Oh yeah by the way if you like the look of Windows Vista, then make sure you visit for this killer recipe I've written to transform your Windows XP into Windows Vista!

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  1. Good find, thanks.

  2. Well, Vista Beta 2 and RC1 as well as RC2 are kinda outdated right now due to the final release of vista. So I recommend that you upgrade to RTM if possible.