Sunday 11 June 2006

Blogging using Microsoft Word 2007

One of the best things in Word 2007 is that the application has inbuilt blogging tools. Sort of like ecto, but ecto can be defined as more of a blog centric piece of software, without extra things such as contextual spell check and so on. Ok I’ll stop talking about the boring stuff, and let’s just dive right into how you too can start blogging with Word.

1. Get Microsoft Word 2007 (well Office 12 actually, because I do not think they have a standalone installer for Word).

2. Read the great article over at Luis's blog, which talks about how to set up a blog and post to it.

Phew, I think that was the easiest tutorial I have ever written… kind of. Oh yeah and one more thing, if you are looking for more functions like tables and what not, they are in the insert tab. Especially the hyperlink function… I think they should put it on the ‘floaty’ bar (I believe that’s the name for it) that appears when you highlight some text and hover over the highlighted text. This way you don’t have to keep changing tabs.

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  1. Love your blog man :)

    I am coming back :)to learn more :)