Tuesday 13 June 2006

Is this the end of Beyond Teck?

Well, you might not know this but Beyond Teck was first published as a school project, for my business class. The main objective was to write about what we did in school, but due to my helpful nature (ok... because of my desire to do good) I decided that merely writing stuff about what happened in your life if just plain boring, and when you are publishing it on the web might as well make it something useful.

But now, after tomorrow (or the following Monday I'm not sure) this blog isn't going to be marked anymore because school has come to an end. That means that I don't have to post every 2 days on this blog... and chances are that you won't be seeing posts that often anymore.

Over the time of about 8 months this blog has gotten over 24000 unique visitors (not to mention the 16 that subscribe to this blog through RSS feeds) , and my recipes over at tech-recipes.com have been read by over 250,000 people. Along with that I've helped countless amount of people through syschat, newsgroups and the blog itself(I'm guessing) and I owe it all to this blog (and the 212 posts in it) for making it happen. Finally I would like to thank my teacher Mr. Case for making this a part of our curriculum and if not Beyond Tecknology might not have existed in the first place.

So yes, it is the end of the Beyond Teck that you see now, but I promise you that in a weeks time there is going to be a whole new Beyond Teck something that all are going to behold.

Got a question, tip or comment? Send them to beyondteck+question@gmail.com and we'll try to answer it in a blog post!

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