Saturday 24 February 2007

Technology Should be Simple!

Simple OS- My idea for creating an OS for users who don't really know what GUI means. Obviously, this is just an idea but what do you think of it? Thanks imacadam to for creating MYiPhone (icons used in this "mock-up OS").

As technology progresses in leaps and bounds, I honestly think that its making our life kinda harder. Now, I know that you are probably saying to yourself, what is this kid thinking of, but honestly I think its becoming more complex. Any application that exists today has so many tabs and menus and what not that it can be intimidating to use it at times.

Take Firefox for example, the browser that I'm blogging in right now. Now, pretend for a minute that you don't know a thing about computers. You don't know what CPU is, you don't know what a LCD display is for that matter. Then go open up a browser, I'm going to use firefox for example. Would you happen to know what a bookmark is? Would you know how to change the options and settings? Are you going to bother to click here and there not knowing what's going to happen to you? What if you get a virus if you click somewhere? How are you going to check your e-mail without getting "hacked"?

All these questions come to mind for a person who doesn't know all this. What's the answer to all these questions... learn it. Is it the best way? Not in my opinion. I think that technology has to be changed to accommodate these changes. Is any company at all doing that right now? Nope. According to me, I think they should.

Let's take Windows Vista as an example. It took Microsoft 6 years to make, but does it really make it easier for you to use your computer? Yes and no. They still have the same concept of the start button where you need to know the name of the application you want to use (even if you want to search for it) and they still have the same applications running. When you stare at a blank desktop or application it is hard to visualize what you actually are going to do.

So here's what I propose in order to enhance the computer experience for people who havent used computers a lot yet. Make it simple! Yes, that's right, get rid of all the advanced stuff and just give the users the basic options. Instead of saying shut down, say turn off. Apple is already doing this, but it's in the form of a phone. What if we could apply the same concept to computers? Wouldn't it be much more easier to work with it, without having to worry about advanced things and what not?

How does this idea sounds like... would you be willing to sacrifice advanced options for simplicity and ease of use.

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  1. in the YAFVC3_1_5 everytime I put the modded explorer in the C:/windows folder, it changes back to the old one (i know this because of the file size) but i want to ask you, why does this happen, i am not using the styler because i dont like it, this is much more accurate, but i want to solve the explorer problem!

    i know this is un-realted, but there was no other way to ask you, sorry, but nice blog post, i actually read most of it,

    P.S. e-mail me back at

  2. Wowe man your blogs are pretty impressive

  3. ..talking of Apple, isn't that a bit what FrontRow is all about?

    Will be interesting to see where they are taking the Apple TV, which is essentially a Mac with a very simple to use user interface.

  4. Yup you are definitely right Martin. Apple is trying its best to make things simple, and FrontRow surely shows that. But sadly, not all big corporations are following Apple.