Saturday 10 February 2007

CiteHelper is here to help you cite your sources

How many times have you heard your teachers yell, "Cite your sources or D-!!"? Yeah, I know, it's pretty boring when you use like a bazillion sources and don't know how to source your stuff. I kinda have the same problem sometimes, and that's why I created CiteHelper. It's a simple application (just a regular .exe file.. nothing to install or anything like that) that helps you cite your sources.
I kinda got the idea from where you put in the url of the webpage that you got your ideas/facts from and it spits out the proper MLA/APA/Whatever format code. But the benefits or using an application is - it's faster to load. Plus I find it boring to go on the internet to source something everytime I need to do so (which is quite often, believe it or not).

Unfortunately, CiteHelper is still under development, and it's going to be a while before its ready for crunch time. Right now I'm at the "getting the application to process the given information stage". So right after that stage is done, I guess I'll release the beta.

Nuff said.. time to get back to work... now where did I put that songs-nonstop-for-20-hours CD..

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