Saturday 5 May 2007

Google got updated?

Update: Ok.. not really an update by as such, but apparently it is a new feature added by the web search history feature, although I believe that you might have gotten this screen yesterday if you were logged in when you performed your searches. Hmm.. I seem to like it this way, though.

Is it just me or does Google have a new and better search page now? Hmm.. not sure.. perhaps my eyes are deceiving me? Anyways I like this new style.. and the gradient seems like one step forward for Google, in terms of design. Interesting.
Oh and those who believe that I've probably photoshopped used Adobe Photoshop® software to digitally enhance the screen shot, you can take a look at the gradient image stored on the Google servers (or you can see a screen shot of the gradient image when viewed through Firefox incase Google decides to get rid of it). This should be enough proof that I did not create it.

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  1. nope just a history veiwer..not all that great.

  2. Iv'e seen this before I dont think its a new search type at all, not sure if its a history viewer or whatever either...

  3. I only get this view in IE7. in Opera and Firefox it's the same old Google. I don't like the way that "search Within Results" has disappeared though. that's what made me check other browsers..i though I'd picked up some spyware or something somewhere.

  4. I saw this on this past Friday. It only occurred in Firefox, not in IE7. Definitely some new feature.

  5. No, it is only the search history browser view...nothing else and also avaiable with IE7

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