Sunday 29 July 2007

Play MP3s or Podcasts through Embedded Player on your website

Ever wanted to make your own podcast? Or may be post some mp3s into your blog post on blogger or may be wordpress... Well as long as you have the music or video files, then its really simple to use embedded flash players to embed content such as MP3s, videos as well as podcasts in other formats in your blog posts.

There are a couple of options that you can use in order to put music on your blog or website. Firstly, if you have the server space then you might want to get your own player too, instead of using someone else's services. You can try something like the FLV players found on or this which is mostly for mp3s only.

If you realize that the server space isn't sufficient (which is bound to happen if a lot of people listen to your stuff) you might want to switch over to a service like odeo where they'll host the files for you and you can still put it in your blogger post.

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