Saturday 22 September 2007

Follow cricket scores online for free

Here's a tip for all my brown buddies out there with a slower internet connection. It's not as exiting as watching free cricket online, but its just as good to be able to follow the scores online.

It's pretty simple actually. Whenever a cricket game is going on, all you need to do is head on over to and then just click the live scorecard link under the title of the game.
TipIf you want to a quick way to find out scores, just type cricket [name of the team] into Google. Of course, you'll have to replace '[name of team]' with the name of the team you want to follow. Example: cricket India. This will show you the score of the latest game india played.

For every live game that's going, it's going to show a link where you can access the live scorecard. Simply click on that link and the scorecard should open up.

By default it just shows a basic scorecard. I on the other hand prefer the full score card, so too might want to click on the full scorecard link in order to see the full scorecard. All scorecards refresh automatically, so there is not need to keep clicking refresh, unless you have ADHD or something.

And there you have it. - instant updatification. If you have high speed internet though, you might want to watch the game online, instead of just staring at the scores.

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