Sunday 2 December 2007

How to export Firefox Bookmarks to! Ever heard of it? If your answer is no, then I highly recommend to take a look at It's a really cool website where you can store your bookmarks online, and then access it from anywhere. But the best part is that you can tag them and make them public so the rest of the world can see what you're really into.

This post is all about how to export Firefox bookmarks into delicious, so that you can access them from anywhere. And if you're anything like me then you probably have a lot of bookmarks in Firefox, so you might want to back them up first.

The easiest way is to use the plugin. Once you install it just go to in the menubar > website > import bookmarks. You will have to be logged in to do this step.

If you don't wan to use he plug-in it is possible to upload the bookmarks that you have in Firefox manually as well.

Once you are done backing up your Firefox bookmarks, you are ready to export them into a HTML file. To do so
  1. Click on Bookmarks in the menubar
  2. Click on Organize Bookmarks
  3. Click on File and then on Export

Then a window should pop-up prompting you to choose a file name. Just choose a file name and remember where you saved it.

Log into your account and click on settings in the upper right hand corner of the window. Then click on import / upload.

Here, browse for the HTML file that you just created, and then choose your desired settings. Once you click on the import now button, delicious will automatically start importing all the bookmarks. Once its done, all you're bookmarks will be stored on delicious forever, and you can access it from anywhere.

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  1. great! exactly what i was looking for. Thnx

  2. Hi

    Thanks for this.

    Could you please where can I find "Import Bookmarks" option ,,,,,I don't if that has changed on new Delicious website

    Because I logen in to my account Delicious website I could not find that option


  3. I meant when I login to the website, do I need to click "Setting" to find "import bookmarks" option ?