Saturday 1 December 2007

Firefox Version

Am I the only one noticing the fact that Firefox version was just released a couple of days ago? Or is every Firefox lover out there wondering if the Mozilla team screwed up something, or is just working overtime. Now, first off, I must mention that I am a Firefox lover. I absolutely can't do without the really cool add-ons and features this amazing browser has. But why would someone release updates so quick? My first thought was that it was some kind of wierd virus/malware thing. However, Macs don't have viruses! Silly Me.

After thinking for a while, I've came to the conclusion that it was probably for a couple of reasons why the back-to-back updates were released.
  • Some one in the Mozilla Team screwed up some code so they had to fix it
  • A really really big security bug was discovered
  • They wanted to introduced some new features (I didn't see anything new though)
  • The FireFox team was bored to death and decided to release something new
  • Some one noticed a bug in FireFox
Turns out, they did make firefox more stable. And although previous versions of Firefox used to crash on Leopard (Mac OS X.5) they don't anymore. Now I can get back to using the recipe editor on Tech-Recipes, hopefully. If you're want to know more about the recent update... you can mosey on over to C-Net, and they'll update you on it.
So now, rest assured, no one else needs to worry about the quick release of updates. I hereby confirm that Firefox is still the browser that you should use the most. Why? Because it is updated frequently, has great features and is still the fastest of the bunch. At least, I find it to be fastest.

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