Sunday 16 March 2008

Back up your blogger / blogspot posts and blog

Blogger gives you a great free blog hosting facility, but unfortunately if something were to happen their servers, all the your carefully composed posts will perish along with it. Along with that, when something is offered free you never know when they are going to stop giving it away for free, so its best to always back up your blog - no matter which blogging/CMS system you use!

Hopefully since blogger is now owned by Google they'll continue to provide this service for blogging enthusiasts like me who like to share their knowledge and ask people questions. So how exactly can you back-up your blogger posts to your computer or may be even Gmail account?

The answer is quite simple. You can either copy every single blog post and save in a text file or word file (as cumbersome as it may seem this might actually work if you're like many who use word or text files to initially compose the rough draft of a post) or use an application like the blogger backup utility from CodePlex.

Just download the zip file, extract all the files inside it, install the application and start backing up the contents of your blog regularly. You can even save all the comments in your blog and specify the posts you want to back up. It'll save all the posts to your hard drive in XML format and restoring every single post in your blog is as easy as clicking the restore posts button.

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