Tuesday 15 April 2008

A quick easy way to create photo slideshows on Windows

What is the first application that pops into your mind when someone says 'Photo Slideshow or Picture Presentation'. It's probably going to be Windows Movie Maker (or it might be iMovie if you are a Mac user), right?

Well, sure, movie maker works just fine but when it comes to doing photos you can do the very same thing in half the time it takes you to do in movie maker. Plus your video is going to look considerably different from regular Windows Movie Maker slideshows. It's called Windows PhotoStory 3.

PhotoStory 3 is a great from Microsoft for the less computer savvy individuals to take advantage of their digital pictures and turn them into something worth looking at. Of course, you can just e-mail pictures of your vacation to Maui but what if you wan to impress your friends a bit more by adding narration, music and captions.

It's as simple as choosing a couple of pictures, adding some transitions and music and exporting it to send to your friends and relatives. Or you can keep it in your computer to cherish the memories from your trip.

This little application has the ability to add in interesting (although not breathtaking) transitions between pictures and along with that create your own music to suit the mood and atmosphere the pictures depict. You truly can bring your photos to life and share them with someone.

For more information on how to use this program check out the PhotoStory 3 page at Microsoft.

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