Friday 22 August 2008

Free and better AppZapper Alternative - Download AppCleaner

I just stumbled across this gem of an app called AppCleaner (mac only) that does what paid (and rather pricy) applications do completely for free. In fact it's even better than AppZapper on other aspect such as functionality, let alone the price.

Macbook Pro: $2499.00

AppZapper: $12.95 

AppCleaner: Priceless

For one, AppCleaner can actually provide a list of installed applications on your mac, and if you feel like dragging and dropping, you can do that too. It find almost all files that AppZapper finds (mostly only the .plist files are left over if you simply throw away the application from the application folder)

One thing that AppCleaner doesn't have though is the 'ZAP!' sound. But I think I can get used to that. So, if you tend to test out a lot of applications, or if you constantly need to delete applications (may be you're out to create the next greatest Mac app.. who knows!) then you can steer clear of serials and codes and you won't even have to pay anything. Unless of course, you'd like to donate to the wonderful creators of the application.

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