Wednesday 15 October 2008

Why not supplement text books with ebooks?

I like ebooks. Although they are not tangible, they are great for quick review and light reading. Most importantly, however, they don't break your back. I'm not a weak person, but carrying three 5 pound textbooks around does create problems in the long run. So, I'm wondering, why not just have e-books instead?

I know for a fact that many textbook providers have ebooks of their textbooks, but they seem to be locked away in some far far away chamber so that no one can use them. For example, only recently, my math teacher gave us CDs of a book (in essence an e-book, but they didn't really call me that), but why not allow every teachers to hand out e-books. 

The biggest factor that I'm bringing this up is because of a few reasons.
  1. I think that the way things are going right now, more people have access to technology
  2. Ebooks can clearly demonstrate much more than just plain old textbooks if you combine them up with videos, links and even little animated pictures
  3. Ebooks are cheaper
  4. Ebooks last longer than regular books
  5. They are MUCH lighter on the back
It's a wonder to see why many school boards and publishers don't resort to making ebooks more widely used. I mean, I've written about how I find a lot of FREE and GREAT ebooks on the internet to read, and so far I've been really happy with them. Why not do the same for regular textbooks.

Just a thought...

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