Sunday 18 January 2009

Adding annotations to Pictures in Leopard

Unfortunately, for some weird reason, Preview does not allow one to add annotations to a picture file by default. You can, however, add annotations to a PDF file quite easily without changing things around (so you can just go to Tools > Annotate and start annotating). But if you want to do the same for a screenshot or any other picture file, you'll have to add the annotation tool in the toolbar!

To do this, first open Preview (simply click on a picture file). Then right click on the Toolbar > Customize Toolbar > Drag and Drop the Annotate Button to the toolbar and click Done.

Then, when you open a picture file, you'll be able to use the Annotate button to draw arrows, squares, circles, and much more! You can even add notes to a picture, in case it's a picture of your cat that you'll be e-mailing to icanhascheezeburger!

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