Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Muting and unmuting emails (conversations) in Gmail

I was browsing through my gmail archives and I came across an e-mail that had "muted" written beside it to the left of the subject line. Unbeknownst to me I had accidentally muted the e-mails chain (called a conversation by Google, since it involved sending e-mails back and forth, kinda like instant messaging with e-mail) so every subsequent message that was sent to me directly went to my archive without even showing up in my e-mail inbox on Evolution

Yes, I know, I'm using Evolution on Ubuntu for now. However I'll most likely be switching to something more robust like Thunderbird soon, but evolution seems to fit the bill quite nicely for now. But I digress. Luckily, the conversation was unimportant, and it was kinda good that it actually went unnoticed, since it would have just been an extra boring e-mail for me to read anyway.

Turns, out, that you can mute a conversation just by pressing a key combination and then to unmute it you have to click a button. Weird. Anyway, if someone else is wondering why an e-mail they were supposed to receive is not in their e-mail client's inbox... check if you accidentally muted the conversation from Gmail's web interface.

How to check for muted e-mail in Gmail

Luckily, checking for muted e-mail is easy. Just search for is:muted using gmail's search box and gmail will show all the conversations that are muted.

How to unmute muted conversations in Gmail

To unmute conversations, you must open up the muted gmail conversation first, and then move the conversation back to your inbox. Doing so, for now, seems to be the only way to unmute a gmail conversation.

How to mute a gmail conversation

This is the part I dont like (sorta) because it makes it really easy for anyone to accidentally press the combination that is going to mute the conversation. How do you mute it? Press the M key, and the conversation will be automatically muted. Although Gmail will give you a message that the conversation was muted in its classic yellow "information" bar above the message area, I'm sure most people wont understand what just happened (including me!). I fear this might become a problem like the Firefox cursor blinking continuously, except the symptoms will be far less noticeable.

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  1. the same happened to me

  2. it really helped me unmute my email..thankq

  3. Thank you. I don't know how the heck it happened, but you really helped out.

  4. Hey folks, if you have keyboard shortcuts turned on, pressing 'm' will mute a conversation.

  5. that's why i'm here

  6. It happened to me on my cell phone g mail account. I did this by moving conversation back to inbox but the email still says muted. But I did a search for muted conversations and I didn't have any muted. Still lost and confused if it is muted or not. Its stupid.

  7. It happened to me on my cell phone gmail account and I took these steps and it still says muted. But I did a search but under the search it says there is no muted e mails. Still confused and frustrated. Its a stupid option we already have a trash and a spam folder.

  8. Worst gmail feature ever. It's very easy to activate accidentally and extremely difficult to repair the damage of -- there's no hint of the "muted" conversations anywhere in the UI, except the help page for keyboard shortcuts saying "m ignore conversation" (not even using the keyword "mute"!). In particular it does not show up as one of the available labels. E-mails end up lost, in limbo. Horrible.