Thursday, 29 April 2010

Num Lock and Caps Lock on a Blackberry

While it feels amazing to type away on a blackberry keyboard (even for a person with big fingers like me), one thing that I have recently discovered is how to enable "numlock" and "caps lock" (yes I do sometimes have a reason to use this feature) on a blackberry.

Turns out that the makers did anticipate users to use the number pad (albeit as a secondary function) exclusively without having to press the alt key every time.

Enabling NumLock on a Blackberry

  • First press the alt key
  • Then press the left shift (the one that says aA) key
  • This will enable the numlock and you will see a symbol on the top right corner of the screen displaying 123 indicating this
  • You will also be able to use the associated "alt Characters" that appear on the top of each key
  • To get rid of the numlock simply press the left shift key again

Enabling Caps Lock on a Blackberry

  • To turn on caps lock, press the alt key
  • Then press the right shift key (aA on the right side of the keys)
  • To remove it, press the right shift key again

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